My darkest fear for many a time was living amongst men again and a group I took with me to bring light to the Americans. They accepted us and built altars to our God. Many tribes of these crafstmen clans were there and the magic of their pseudo occult spirit line, combined with our mercerary made the sky fall to earth and for many years, we walked among the stars, with our feet seemingly not touch the ground. It was during one of these episodes that my God asked me to make a representative of Him to my people, where Cain now dwelt. In the field of stars, I was able to project myself to places where my blood lay. I arrived on Mount Sinai, where I had been slain by an axe and still in stars, projected myself to the Madonna, who’s brother was a British clansman. I laid her down and gave her a son, so her Joseph could bring British interests through him – from us – the Mohicans.

By this time, we had a celestial map and we began a physical voyage through Alaska and down to Persia, where our map was to be destroyed then written so that Persian Kings might understand it. They took it from us roughly as it entered the field of light to transform it. As the map entered their possession the light that had created it – became a star above Bethlehem. Our star map destroyed and our gift to the Persian Kings, vanished into space – we told them to take the journey before them towards the star. I was rejected from meeting my son by the fates and became a cuckold to her brother. I employed a Persian slave who was to travel with the Kings to give to him the offer of a temporary hand to her – to keep her chaste, until our time was our fruition and realisation of all we had learnt through Jesus, until it was time for His return. He did this diligently and reported to me that after he had taken Joseph in my trust that the star of Bethlehem (Joseph’s star) had crossed the night’s sky and become one with mine – the North Star.
The Virgin Mary watches from the North Star to this day and I am her soul until I am flesh with her and I am hers.