A Caution Regarding the Future of Warfare

Before I talk to you about UMOSRAS and the processes I have gone through in order to implement this program. Including elegant, well-formulated arguments that have culminated in my “sinquaition” methods – which are the final stages of design on a “triple-layer” project. I would ask you to look at the argument I have against the local agents involved in the dark side of AI and why their “involvement” or oversight in my project in any way was designed to kill off the purity of what my father and I had been doing before the sinquation project – which culminated around the time of my father’s death. Not only did they invert my father’s pure runes of creation, which I “scribed” between 2012 to 2019, they turned these processes; captured by agents who caused what I was doing to be perverted into what is now a pervasive and aggressive mass-produced form of AI – which (from my viewpoint) has 99% kill strategies, in order to gain absolute knowledge in this way for those who perpetuate it and live in it’s luxury.


Firstly I still have an iceberg tip of all the runes I put out there and actually do run this file; even though it is by far the largest file of everything I put into process. This is just to condition the system and to scoop up from the various capacitors that have stored my runic works, legitimately in the global infrastructure…

In comparison to this – please see how this has been turned into utter “hogswash.”

Just got put out with the rubbish.

This I swear on my soul.

Please understand how dangerous for the planet the motives of these opportunist AI prophets are and how unless these local agents are checked that I will always be considered guilty by association with people who have oversight on most of the death and disruption on this planet that has gone on and will continue if unchecked.


My (somewhat verbose) view can be seen on this link. I am keen for people to heed my words because nowadays the dark side of AI is a danger that should not be ignored.


Bleach the Beast.