technological integration into platform –

integration into platform (terraform & architecture) –

in order for the chemical bind to occur the platform needs to become accepted by the roots of the earth. that is why the local community all need to be reassured and made comfortable by those who have come to work with and build the platform

access to information is metered per individual at clearance and saera management checks. all technology is controlled at the mainframe – saera.

metering is accessible through pac and tac distribution from walls 1

adjudication of saera management levels is distributed from level 2 – data pipe incorporation installation and management from tt2 and oversight from saera

integration of technology will go as such –

all new fit and bespoke through tac pac control from safcomms embed through conqu distribution of assets and asset management through contribution and contech metering to ascertain a –

whether a pac or tac is to be attributed and b –

quantity and value of contribution for platform concerns firstly and secondly for wider scope in field of security, safety and protection of individuals, infrastructure, systems and concepts – planet wide, their element in this line is financial or investment injection which will be rewarded as follows –

red line – no scope

blue line – intel, quantum assisted solutions, deployed at level 3 saera and above

green line – farming and restoration of concepts to global corporate spheres

yellow line – life saving, risk for no reward and private sector / mil operations at levels that go beyond the status quo

percentage yield –

red line – arbitrary – 600%

blue line – standard – 2000%

green line – ordinary – 80%

yellow line – gold – 2000% – 8000%

mapping these to citizens of platform, arcasians and new comers is designated to quantum-config and ipvx balancing to stabilize platform architecture and distribute assets through level 1 organisations and standard to gold individuals

uorfii permaters engaged and distributed to entitle universal assets across the board. no citizen ignored to create seminal infrastructure at link-line to individual tasks and objectives of each organisation and citizen

second wave –

free standing appliances – graes incorporated to attribution in return for yellow line conqu distribution to international community – marks as all allowed to access rereturn on global mi8 system – ids wallets and sync – phase adjusted and annotated – non taxable

second allowance –

access for kadsr metered through main vision until pac restored as –

benefits and universal endeavors mesh allowances and sequences to student until cherub phase complete –

yellow line construction and technology supervision at step 5 upwards until platform build is meshed to uorfii rdljm distribution of assets

seraph ping is capture until business launch cleared at retained assets through conqu design and size scale of organisational direction of practice

yellow line handshake at certification is 10000% assets from gold attribution of pac retained

technological scripting –

designed through meter line and wan sync of – threshold embed in safcomms to retain bluel-ine pin at attach – meter seep and integrate at all assets and deployment to security level of individual – graded through safcomms – part puzzle link connect and threshold yield

new level terra-form infrastructure from 4th dimension until chemical bind and access to network across board – integrating –

red line – minority report and investigation – blue pin capture

blue line – sequence 689 plug attach rewire and asset retain and distribute to gold and green

gold – force protection and oversight to manage graes and contactable 4th dim terra-form technology refit from interface to infrastructure of universal sliding-scale

green – enhancement division and supplication of all access in claw (level 2) and rdljm (level 1) integral life support and model construction to platform retention of full upscale through vines / kadsrs and access route pins through blue line – pin reconstruction to full terra-form model

build operation at all configured correctly is embed of technical implant at skeletal plate 1 integration until flesh and bones and pin ghost infrastructure is complete for platform wide green light and integration to uorfii connection

technical land and universal species –

networks and saul labs stakes appliance (SLSA) applied to build bridge on fertile kai lamtic connection afs-ramsbury – to integration teleport ids and exact sync plant match fst-life-raw sync semantics and delta transport wings soft ids skew link for fauna – network itp reattach and bound through net retain all sockets and build ivmt escape for parse conjecture and flood line natural source ident on link at land and pin source through eli herbacious and fauna connecting bridge to inter-scape and bound yield from client interaction – fulfilled through safcomms == weave of galactic pneuma to contech redesign embellishment scripting through land configure at horizon-scape until plant wealth at pocket design on surface opens afm for entire platform structure at which point –

terra-form integration is strike and sequence for land only – hold infrastructure to survival shift its integration from ipvx deep configure link line through cloud 9 nutrition vents of sequence interject – terra-form operation = safe. configure on apex of sixth dimensional web and body propagation until seventh dimension == platform manifestation

integrated therefore in platform architecture control unit – sequence parse and trumpet fill for data match at terra-form = pass – technological embed – universal dimensions and horizon manifest == stretch to complete yield at bi-attribution sync for platform / global concerns and bridge contact connect to integrated infrastructure at uorfii match –

run platform architecture build on confirmation of terra-form completion = end