Soddam and Gomorrah

The disciples of Abel became the light bearers, the source of the light of our tribe had not become corrupted since, although the younger sons of the Adamu, Cain the bastard of our rival god was as you say in times of disaster, never able to cut the mustard without spilling it. It is because of this and our skill in tree of life craftsmanship and mercery that we drew ourselves apart for 10,000 years since our God became one of us. The sins of Cain’s descendants became manifest as mother-loving and father-killing and their rejection of our Ancestors ways became verbose and vile.

To us a sin was pleasure and something that in life drew people together and warmed our hearts as the human race. To them it was used as an insult at their forefathers’ expense and to expose wandering craftsmen, demonstratively – so they would be rejected or killed; never being included in the discovery of their vile acts, using false-purity and hypocrisy – so this would be so.

The 10,000 years passed and us (nomadic) and them the landowners of our forefathers credit were to meet once again, this time when Soddam and Gomorrah were the names of their Saintly thrones. Our craftsmen who returned to pay homage to our forefathers and get blessed at their temples became a commodity in the transaction of foul deeds, often being sodomised in their sleep and poisoned with their vile bodily fluids, when they drank together. Often these craftsmen returned to tell us what they had learnt but Cain spoke through them and the demons they worshipped mocked us. It was understood that their souls remained undefiled because they were innocent from the actions the demons demonstrated around them when they spoke to us and the purification of the soul of each of our innocent scouts became a new tree in our life branch and when they reached purity of source, in perfection they could manifest flames and great destruction against the source of the power they had now rejected. These craftsmen were now leaders among us and becoming one was a suicidal mission with a 95% chance of failure or death. However the impossibility of what they could each achieve was drawing to the light, each one – even if fallen or failed in their journey of gnostic discovery and should they pass to the light, their bodies rediscovered life after death and a field of light would protect them. When we had 200 of these perfect who had achieved gnosis without failure or death – our zeal destroyed Soddam, without setting foot there and Gomorrah melted by the dust cloud that blew over from Soddam – never bore a tree or a living thing in 200 years. It was know as the Haklasat. (Barren-Land).