Functionality – Part 3

Having looked in depth at the functional purpose for manifesting the overall platform and the key integrated facets that would provide that functionality – let us look at some of the institutions within the platform and at their effect on the overall platform scenarios…

In an archetypal global city – take London, for example – the key motivating factor is wealth creation and control with wealth. For two reasons a Universal Platform is not going to need to worry about wealth as a motivating and controlling factor. Firstly because the system would be contribution-based and assets and commodities would be traded and exchanged through tokenisation. Secondly, with Universal assets being the main emphasis of our daily lives, our collective wealth would far out shadow the aggregate global wealth – moving into the 8th Dimension and all the implications of a fully-functioning platform – by over 1000 times.

So wealth or poverty by our system operating correctly should become irrelevant. However Universal production will need to become sustainable and incremental to the volume of output as the Common Wealth manifests and to the complexity and quality of what we are producing; moving us ultimately to a fully human-managed and human-implemented product line of innovations in practice, creating product that would shatter the crystal ceiling – in all major global enterprises, (ELI) as they are given their Universal aspect (LOD).

So within the Universe-City, our capital needs to be based on transaction of ideas and alongside the Academy student programs – we would need a “machine” quartier within the Platform City – to house, entertain, educate, employ and enhance our student “work-force,” during or after completion of studies. This would ensure that ideas within each student’s KADSR were incubated in their daily living and put into practice through their activities and studies – not just stagnate without proactive development. The continued assessment of each student’s KADSR would mean that each part of their plan was used inside and outside the Platform in order to keep the ideas living and give an empty mould for the student to graduate into.

The process of doing this would be to create a tri-split level city somewhere at the epicentre of Abelcity, with its own laws, security and format and in fact its own directional spin (the reverse of the entire Platform’s anti-clockwise spin). There would be management and police (both with a social-services remit) and educational staff to structure and guide the students themselves. The nature of the entire Think-Tank city would manifest as a scaled-down version of the platform-city and would centre around normality and neutrality, without colossal, eye-catching structures that would only distract from the focus that the individual students should be putting into their direction towards seniority. There would also be a steady flow of people admitted to the bottom level, ensuring that anyone with potential from the locality or from the wider world could get tapped and formulated through it. Likewise the graduation process would ensure that there was a continual flow of Academy students and others, who had reached accomplishment and therefore would become the next team of Cherubim, Ambassadors or Seraphim – all seniorised at their respective levels to put their KADSRs into practice.

The Academy itself would not be part of the Think-Tank, belonging in fact to the Universe-City, as a vast structure designed to concentrate on Walls 2 Seraph practices (private sector) and Walls 1 Cherub (public sector) practices specifically and once those quotas have been fulfilled – to generate the next wave of Seraphim, associated with the impact of these 150 or so practices on the wider earth and the Common Wealth of Eva. It would be fed by a good many sources from the Platform and the wider-earth, ultimately creating a centre of excellence to run all major platform institutions and their impact in the wider scheme of things.

The most important aspect of the Academy would be its integration within the Universe City and use of the connected faculties as Forums for motivational discussions between each other and with the expertise and oversight of elders and seniors. Other aspects of the Academy would include vast spaces for demonstrating and rehearsing scenarios, a large dual-aspect area of offices for students and administration staff to operate within, side-by-side, with living accommodation and recreational areas for students and staff, alike – both inside and outside the building. Sports facilities and student development programs would be encouraged and designed at the academy but would be incorporated in the Think-Tank leisure facilities, in order to encourage students to participate actively with each other in recreational activities.

The Academy will therefore be by far the largest building and complex within the whole platform and will be the only institution that will have an entire quartier (Amberley) that fully functions to incorporate the needs and enhance the purposes of this institution.