Largo / Law

Largo is a term I use for a network, which compiles unobtainable goals belonging to people who can’t realise them.  Often a venture is too ambitious for the original visualiser of it to see it to fruition and in many cases, this idea is taken out of their hands and dealt with by individuals who offer no reward to the origins from where the idea comes.  These ideas are often intangible and may be too abstract to actually patent for yourself or to even start out with on a venture.

That is the point of our largo database – to enable such concepts to gain fruition, without being tampered with.
“law” stands for larweb and is an Arc-web facility, provided by UMOSRAS. What we intend to create with it is an open matrix of opportunity that nourishes and nurtures all ideas from their incubation point. The individuality of each idea will remain sacrosanct and the compartmentalisation of each idea will be secured and protected by SAFCOMMS. (See “other sites by us”).
The difference between choosing law and any of the other facilities is that clients will be provided with a much broader range of support:- law enables each individual to not only think of an idea at concept, but then work alongside experts in the craft that their project should lie in and ultimately head up the management team in running their own company/ charity or organisation (practice). Once this has been achieved, the project belongs to the individual and they will oversee the running of the Universal form of the practice within Walls 1 or any other such internal set – up within Eva. The Universal form of the practice is then exported by the ambassadeurial team to ultimately mesh with and enhance to unforeseen levels the global origins of the practice.

In EVA, law will run through all walls 1 practices, initiating at Think Tank Level 2 in the data pipes, where (alongside the initiates and students kadsrs) all law concepts shall be stored. This will also connect the think tank to the Academy and then combine information from all parties to generate concepts to give walls 1 practices their purpose. When these have been completed and seniors appointed to their roles outside the acadamy, areas outside eva will be set up. This will be on the basis that the pioneers of the largo concepts around which these areas will have been generated will have links to or origins from them. This whole process will map out the protectorate of EVA and the linking factor (based on a reciprocal returns system) shall be known as the Charity Life Arcweb (or CLAW).