Walls 1 – the Public Sector

The public sector walls of the Platform serve as a division between the Universe City and the rest of the freestanding realm. Their purpose is to divide the entire Platform into two separate economic entities. That of the means tested nature of the economics and the contribution-based tax-free system that citizens of the urban sprawl of the Universe City will enjoy and the combination (on the other side) of a taxation system with shareholders, who have permanent connections to the essential systems and services and the service users who would choose to operate on a non-contributory basis. These individuals will pay tax for the upkeep of the various institutions and primarily, the public sector, whose source of funding will be a combination of donations from Corporations and the proceeds of the taxation system.

Dual-sided in their nature, providing a well-structured complex of public-sector services to both sides, they will be fully-staffed and maintained by the cherub level graduate from the Academy and other such institutions and their associates or equivalent professionals from the public-sector communities. Between both sides of Walls 1 – will be an efficient tramway that operates at high speed in areas where there are fewer stops, delivering staff and service users to the correct institution within the public sector framework. This will be called the Innerspress.