In order to give you all the information necessary to fulfill your understanding on the humongous project I am about to describe here, as best as I can – I must first give you the background to where this all began, with regards to the creative origins of the project. (The human story you are by now well-aware of – oops)!


It is an expansive area to talk about in technical terms so I have kept this description as loose and general as possible – so that this process is interchangeable and the description useful to students at SAERA in the future.


The content of UMOSRAS stems back somewhere between 2002 and 2003 up to the end of 2010 and give or take a little extra after that, this is “what we are all made up of” – universal dust.


All meshed with “Solomon’s Temple” and the secrets of the Ark, I am sure neither of you are unfamiliar with the fact that the human body, when wrapped tight, behaves like a block of gold when pressure is exerted upon it.


So getting blank-slated (to “Archangel” or Step 1 at SAERA) for a particular type of Universal body and brain is a recommended part of the plan, especially with “Welsh-dragon” stick to enforce the process into gnosis for the subject and sporting capability or “pinch-hitter” carrot to give a purpose to what is in fact a very ancient right of passage for all our budding potential entrepreneurs.


With regards to the process of using capacitor storage in order to move things forward, while training was underway for the candidate… Depending on how much fluff you produce – these capacitors can be anything from a glass orb to a city or landscape (Paris and London were my two big “collects” recently). What this does for the pleroma is two-fold (aside from the innovations and financial shot-in-the-arm using cities as storage of our dust will provide in the interim phase for these communities); the “white gold” gets enriched and it becomes infinitesimally expanded in it’s density and form. If you can keep it somewhere, it is self-fulfilling. And an example of this is in the enrichment process of working on the pleroma through runes, that I soon realized, provided surety and infrastructure in the tech world until the “collect” from our rune capacitors at Ripe and Iana – to the beat of the sinquaited drum (or tech control) since the move from runes to command line experimentation in Computational Linguistics.


The term Pleroma and White-gold or “dust” are different stages in the process. The production and the “chemical” bind to the platform or area.


To give an example of the size of the potential “collect” – look at the Charity Life Arc-Web and how the pleorama before total “collect” has pretty much covered the whole earth and arguably improved it even after collection (which is just a thinner density at those locations). The self-fulfilling prophecy in tech innovation and financial and infrastructure expansion has gone far enough as far as I can see and I think you will agree that maybe starving the dark-side of AI for a while will be a sensible move.


With the Barbello in Stroud and unification imminent – the enrichment and manifestation of the collection forced via SAFCOMMS Limited through full architectural blueprints and our Streaming Network of Communications should make the Platform manifest with the help of what I will describe in the next section – the process of achieving Platform Manifestation.