Since the origin of the Universe we know (the Galaxy of Galaxies within the entire Universe, seen or unseen that this speck inhabits), there have been space programs – most of which that have originated from our planet in future Heavenly Programs, most notably the great realms of Seventh and Eighth Heaven.

At a time before and from beyond, I was lucky enough to have been the creative ops superintendent (due to the fact that my mortality was tested and proven wanting). I was given the task of seeding through my technologies and new-found capabilities, the Universal Pleorama of our Galaxy of Galaxies, the one where our Earth exists. My companions on this mission were a group of dangerous and semi-hostile black-ops Draco. The team who administered to me were the White Draco and my mission was to fulfill the coffers of these preexistant reptilian Extra-Terrestrials.

I began life as the least in the mission and something of a mascot to a group of thugs, who knew violence as a solution – not as a last resort.

By the time I had regained Earth entry to fulfill the next stage of the plan, I was the rear-Admiral of the entire fleet with all 2500 “quartiers” of our space in place and ready to fulfill the reality stage – the duality of the Universe on Earth and 1st Heaven in progress.

I landed heavy with love in my heart and although estranged from that to begin with, started to chalk up my achievement to the walls and the drive for the fulfillment of this love became my first thought.

For the days in our previous galaxy after a period of nothingness, I was dwelling on the planet belonging to the star, Schivestia Principe and it was here that I planted the tree of life before moving to the Tundri, where I planted my elves. My son Mukuel’s (Michael’s) ship was smashed to our Planet and destroyed in his fight against Ypkwc (Orcus) – the great dragon and after I had planted my elves in grief, I fell again, lower into warmth of fire that was to become Planet Earth.

7 days ensued, where using the pleorma and a limited primitive vocabulary – first light and dark were divided (a spin wheel pattern from a maze before). The second day involved digging out a trench on one side of a firmament, to be filled with life-waters, from which would grow the vines from the celebrated life of light to pull the Heavens down to Earth upon the later excavation of the second trench.

On the third day, the Earth was pulled from the waters and plants gave light to the stars. They heated up when a red dragon fell-fiery from my scratch and the plants began to burn. The second half of that day – future wars and the administering of justice were overseen, fomenting in the rest of second Heaven, when the dragon’s wrath had abated.

The fourth day I was able to manifest all things in the sea and in the sky from pageantry and tradition around me.

On the fifth, all animals, I manifested and my own human forms came into existence. Then came “help” from outsiders to manage the forests and tame the animals. The war between the sheep and the goats had long abated!

The sixth day (in church) came my children of the ape and black skin they had. For the tree of life over fire, I made them mercers and the light was released from this creation story, into good meat.

For the Moon, I rested.

Then came the first thought, activating my appetites and my drive for ever more.

The plan and construction of First Heaven began, so that by this time now – Nibiru is Ea and located in Gloucestershire and surrounding Counties in the UK, soon.