specifics of architecture

the architecture of the main platform including abelcity and the umosras villages in the outer realm is universal and predominantly white in colour, the universal properties of the architecture mean that the physicality is interchangeable and adaptable although stable and homogenous with the platform structure. portal arc technology means everything is adaptable to universal properties, space is the access point to the phenomenal structures and everything is interconnected through the arc-web comms system meaning that light can pass through and to everything on the main platform.
the buildings are larger almost across the board than earthly city buildings and it is rare for any occupier to feel short of space and squeezed into an uncomfortable situation in their own home. domestic properties are variable in style but have traditional / colonial feel to universal dimesnions and phenomena – most houses are large and many stories and detached properties becaudse there is plenty of space. in some existing urban spaces the super-modern architecture shapes the overall ambiance, cutting the avenuse of universal neighbourhoods with stylish and futuristic apartment blocks and seemingly glass walls and jet structures mixed between the brilliant white of the overall populations architecture.
public buildings are vast and even some private homes are used as public buildings with no problems of privacy because of the vast amount of space – the most amount of public buildings is in amberley, including the status quo around them and the ultra modern academy. wayside palace, the temple belongs to ben keyte and elodie at the time of manifestation and is the ruling council of the whole platform charity and benevolence, house and business attribution and connections to the etheric light and justice from elilod. the academy is a public building governed by largo / larweb and a consortium of seniors run the whole project management. the buildings are vast and there several more around the quartier. the palace of wayside has an inner temple where consacration happens to new ideas and distribution of universal abundance is blessed and messiahed out. the arcweb is distributed all over the realm through the universal grid from this temple. the academy is the biggest building in the platform and in space age technology is the most advanced – representing 8th heaven with overall governing from ben keyte and comms-mi8 it has offices and places of distinction to practice practice development and seniorise students through technique and trial – the offices are kitted out in smart-glass tehchnology and it is here that the main frame of safcomms is distributed platform wide through pacs and tacs and globally to the entire world. other public buildings represent the universal reality and are created through runic structuring and are given their universal fizz and arcweb connection through the lightweb infrastructure and inlay in the divine architecture. space age and tradtional in one with styles that range from recognisable earthly structures to impossible universal magnificence and staggering feats of architectural brilliance. the entrie platform is managed by the way amberley is structured and varied according to the eli and the distribution of the runes. variation is key and it is the sinquaition that makes this possible betweeen building, plant, animal species and human and universal species.
the think tank is technologically at the top end of earthly creation and the architecture although totally trialled and implemented to heavenly law is dystopic in places and ingenious in others – big monoliths and main platform structure are not so common and the architectural size, scvale and shape is designed to look earth possible.
zone b is also in this style and appears to have its own skyline, it is futuruistic and functional for safety and education, developing thoughts and infrastructure of knowledge as the currency of the whole platform, managed both at the academy and at left and right walls at the chalford bussage, minchinhampton think tank continuum. the management is processed in data pipes with absolute storage capacity to create benveolence, appoint seniors and distribute wealth – the platform and world over.
walls 1 architecture is more futuristic than zone b. they are shaped in undulating layers of cosmic offices, to administer public sector and distribution of funds and safcomms services – pacs and tacs through the academy control. they together with the space between are as thick as the widest quartier in the platform and they are shaped impossibly giving universal light and light web distribution to the wider platform they have security inbuilt and ensure the right people are attributed the right benevolence and access to means tested services inside and the perfect amount of taxation understanding to ensure the platform is always in profit, ultimately enough to make the entire earth 1000 times more wealthy across the board, after the platform is fully operational and in performance at the arrival of the 8th dimension. futuristic and impossible, binding and andulating and constant form around zone a of the platform.