The 954 Year War

The 954 year war.
20,000 years ago – after the British Isles had become the epicentre of the North Atlantic trading route for the Edom continuum and the civilisation of the “masked-bear” – Britain came under attack from an Ancient – race of Nepthalim, highly developed in the power of the Black Occult. The masked-bear later (after Christ) gave its name to a clan-romana, who became the civilisers of the divisions in the early mafia.
The clan of Nepthalim who besieged the masked-bear in early Britain called thier gods to fight us. Our Gods drew a line and revoked on deific interaction due to the catastrophes that Nibiru had suffered, which had previously caused us to come to Earth.
The war was more bloody than any war even in recent history and lasted 954 years. At the end of that, not a single Nephthalim decendant remained alive in the British Isles and all-told, after all that time, we had lost only 40,000 men.