Roma’s Roman Road

The “R.O.M.A.” system had a highway running through it. It started at the date point on the connected mapping system at exactly where the galaxy began and went in a direct straight line which split two suns in such perfect equilibrium that not even the finest calipers known in the Universe could put an extra grain of sand to the distance bias on either side. It was so perfect.

It was so perfect because a long time before the R.O.M.A. system (meaning Royal Orlando Mary Amun system) platform planet was put there – we had built it and I had personally overseen the whole construction. It took 360,000 years of Earth time to build and began with a single strand sent by a trace dart to the arc-cut between the two suns, who served as a gateway to the Roma galaxy. Such precision was there in these instruments that a strand sent into a lifeless planet could detect, trace and pioneer map all life systems on the planet for the next three million years. These maps were kept in the Universal Order Request Forum for Investigation and Intrigue (UORFII) with a lifespan of over a trillion years in preference to any “terrestial species” mapping system hundreds and thousands of years later, no matter how developed that species became.

The road was one of the first thousand we built in the reach of 6000 galaxies in the mapping quadrant of Aveci-Quesyo Dirigeant Quadrant. It’s primary purpose was for pass through traffic as well as Light Signal Connecting Transport Systems (LSCTS) that span the entire Universe. I shall come on to these later. It spanned from the Galaxy’s origin to the portal to the higher light galaxy of Mars-Usopia Bash Hal-Ashi, the grape farmer. It was nicknamed Far-Augis because Bash Hal-Ashi’s ultra long-distance Network Antenna Scope (NAS) was said to even far outreach the Eyes of Zeus (I will come onto these later).

The road was of Direct Level Flat proportions which meant it was again to less than a grain of sand accuracy on the exact plain of the galaxy and the Universal Direct Sway (UDS) (not “Unidentified Diagnostic Sausages” as we call the planet earth’s own Unified Diagnostic Services)! – at that “Minuta” of the Aveci-Queyso Dirigeant Quadrant. (A “Minuta” is roughly the aggregate plain field of forty or so neighboring galaxies in a Quadrant).

Once the road had been mapped from the first to the “tri-millionth” mapping thread (tri-millionth is a dimensional measurement meaning roughly 600 trillion threads fired and catalogued) then the “build was on.” Two hundred suns were incorporated in the Design Span and Articulation (DSA) and Radiation and Protection Warrants (RPWs) were supplied due to some of their proximities to the road. Through minor links to interconnecting stars we were able to field maps to road construction in a space of a quarter of a million Earth years. The suns populated the road and we reached QuavQu’i (meaning eclipse and disruption minimisation) within the next 110,000 of your earth years.

The road I am told is still fully operational and working better than ever (which is what I often hear about these fantastic constructions – they improve by a quart-aeon to a maginitude of 64 to the power of three after the first eight billion years of earth trials and tests). It has a ten aeon lifespan (which is about infinite years). The Galaxy itself has 64 times that amount of mapped lifespan projection and will no doubt order a new road Improvement and Embellishment Scheme (IES) shortly before the next infinity is upon us.

One of the nearest LCSTS endpoints of this road and the entire connecting system in the Aveci-Queyso Dirgeant Qaudrant connects the Channel Islands to the Irish Sea directly under Falmouth in the UK.