Umosras Functionality 1

UMOSRAS can be provided as a private and public – sector, enterprise that generates wealth both within each platform and ultimately on the outside. Within each platform, depending on the situation, Universal Credits can be managed in a means tested, tax haven, containing areas that are still required to pay tax, due to their dealings with the outside world and everyday financial institutions. Some platforms may become tax – havens in their entirety and others may run on tax – related systems entirely.

UMOSRAS sets itself up as a driver for the far – reaching KADSR initiated program through the “law” facility, where ideas and opportunities are not only obtained but put into fruition through the practice of engendering full universal support and stimulating growth for the realm as a whole, both as a supplier of interior and exterior benevolence and economy boosting, far and wide.

In the interest of PLATE 2 supported creation, the vision is to set up multiple platforms across the earth as a whole through 4th – 7th dimensional creation. This involves the requirement for the input of multiple ideas and think – tank phenomena, in order to provide enough cause for the bringing about of full universal infrastructure in order to set – up and collaborate with the pioneers of each individual thought or idea. The requirement is therefore to create platform 1 first, in order to bring about enough ideas to generate EVA’s practices within the platform, each one connecting to the location of new platforms and bringing about their creation – turning global initiatives into universal ones and protecting those involved with new UMOSRAS infrastructure.

Please see this video, a piece of work not necessarily associated with us directly that depicts some of the ideas in setting up a commonwealth from Eva and Plate 1.