Platform 1

Platform 1 is the template, through which the physical realisation of the first realm of creation of Glachstei Rhambzbdie shall become accomplished. It’s matter consists, in template form, of arc – enabled 4th dimensional creation, within which there is a city, an outer realm and mountains, which encompass the entire domain and create areas within them for Largo initiatives to be set up. The creation within the arc structured system is harvested through 5th dimensional grass roots and vines that not only supply and energise the creation of the city, but also maintain and supply the KADSR (knowledge acquiescence database SR) of each subscribing citizen, student or senior within the realm.

The city juxtaposes both contemporary, super – modern and ancient creativity, through the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions, by the fact that it has been created through arcs and pillars that transcend time and space. Its virtues are peace and love, therefore it is absolutely brilliant in hue with a warm glow. It is predominantly white in colour because it is perfect; protected from the earthly atmosphere, it has a tropical feel and a climate that is not usual for this part of the world. It is designed for the protection of the earth as a whole through its protectorate system, the Charity Life Arc Web (CLAW). The city has developed through time by influencing the world’s great religions. Through its many palaces, villas and places of rest, or discussion, it is organised as a paradise for enlightened aspiration and decent behaviour, all undertaken with an openness of mind and includes many who aspire to be like this but haven’t yet reached their peak. For the initiates, there is a think – tank city within the city and forums to discuss the motives and drives of those with individual thought to harness each idea to fruition as a largo fruit to develop within the mountains that surround the realm. The academy, that is the driver of each aspiration and the educator of each student who graduates from think – tank and forum politics, is the way in which each one of us may become a senior and ultimately graduate to our own law ambition. If the mountains are the Private Sector, then the inner walls are the Public Sector. These run around the city, tending to all needs of a civil nature, while at the same time providing creative structure for the city within their boundaries.

This piece of work, which may or may not have any association with the project, gives a glimpse of the size, scale and type of project we are trying to create. Please see this short video for my, more detailed description about Platform 1.