Cain – contrary to history and previous misinformation was not my brother. He was head of a local arable farming tribe. Our tribe had just appointed me chief when the cattle rustling began. Our success was overshadowed by a continued deployment of attacks against our farms and our workers. Harassment was common-place as we expanded our regime and became a consistent and reliable provider of meat to the temples and the authorities, who payed us good money for our provision of goods for feasts, offal for the poor and the temple sacrifices that the authorities made once a month on our behalf.

Cain’s breed, admittedly linked through our forefathers and associated through connections at the temple – in local government and policing had fallen out of grace with our key associates for delivering shoddy, second rate produce for the sacrifices and for providing bad meat to the poor. They had started a racket, which would have given them the embargo on produce – were it not for the fact that under my leadership and discipline among our workers, this embargo became ineffective. There was disciplinary action against four of Cain’s men and due to our hard work in liberating the markets for all and removing the embargo by providing a free Kingdom under our success, we were anointed by our Father. This resulted in the strike back against us out of jealousy and false litigation at miscarriage of justice against those we punished.

Cain had the lusch of God because, although our God was our father and known to all with our faith – Cain claimed his tribe were descendants, directly and he was often seen, producing evidence at the courts that this was so and that we were the illegitimate line of man – known as the Razfahim. Often our brothers were heard to say at our tribal meetings that us the Razfahim were true descendants of the Adamu and that Cain’s group (the Nepthalim) were the bastards of god. One thing that was clear is that our God was our Father and the gods of the Nepthalim were traitors to Him.

Our Father’s blessing was strong and for 8 years, we became the future line of Kings due to the success of our works in disparate tribal times. It was after 5 years of rustling that a meeting was arranged for me the Razfahim to meet this Prince of the Nepthalim.

After being betrayed by one of my staff and industrially slain by the 5 murders Cain employed to kill me on his behalf, it was written in law that at any meeting over a dispute or a disagreement, two magistrates and two officers of the law were required to accompany each party.

From that day forward God could never reveal his face in front of Cain’s tribe – so a mark was given to them, so they would be blind to God and safe from his wrath.