specifics of terraform

on the outside of zone b and included in this will be the garden strip that runs a fertile strip around the outside of zone b – between zone c the mountains the way this will be created is manifest exactly the same as the gardens – see specifics of gardens later on
prerequresites of the terraform mean that any seizmology that occurs will not damage any universal architecture and in some cases cause existing architecture to become universal. all architecture that remains unchanged will eventually fall to decay but the universal architecture will blend with the new landscape in size shape and scale – as directed by the ipvxyz mapping system and the maps created by the runic hex-web and infrastructure form the grass roots and vines that pass the pleorama around the landscape (later mentioned in “gardens”)
on the outside of the platform where both sides of the dome meet (the under dome and the upper dome) there is much pressure against the join causing fissures and ravines and mountains to be forced upwards in these locations (roughly in the circumference of the brecon beacons from the central point of amberley) as the platform begins to rotate these mountains and ravines will form a ridge all the way around the circumference, causing great mountains (some 800 peaks) with their own weather to rise up, in a matter of a few hours in asmooth transition that will enable the high peaks of these mountains (8 over 9000 metres) to have their own weather – as enabled through the umosras virtual machines. snow will form quickly and glaciers will form to ensure the mountains are still being channelled naturally by weather and so forth – the new nature of the landscape will be embeded with infrastructure which are the umosras villages and prasctices of the eli to the lod –
mountain practices will form after the mountains have been fully shaped, before the weathering. they will be forged into the rock and part of the mountain chai itself with ancient / futuristic exteriors and vast spaces underneath the rockface, supported by huge buttresses and beams of crystal and rock – they will be fitted as per the UORFII code of universal practice rshape as per the 51 states of the CSUR commonwealth plan that is currently the US and its future mexican wall – these fittings will best represent the eli of these practices with the potential and adaptation of infrastructure through the safcomms pacs and tacs
inside the mountains the practices will be connected by a network of tunnels and a large volume of these caverns between practices will be woven by a complex network of tunnels through rock face fissures carved naturally and perfectly into the rock inside the mountains. these inner tunnels will connect all outer realm villages and quartiers to every mountain practices with thirty tracks running around the whole network each running regular shuttles of monorail traffic to interconnect the people to the places in this zone (zone c)
the umosras villages in the outer zone will also be interconnected and will form as part of the outer zone creation in the terraform, the architecture of the universal quartiers in place already will just mesh with the terraform and develop as mini-cities and towns and a network of roads that will pass through the whole area for traditional transport methods they will all be member states of the entire cluster of external zone quartiers and like in the city will be created in the essence of the amberley quartier but vary on their structure dependent on the eli of each town or village in these locations – major urban spreads outside zone a but “above” zone b will also be redeveloped in this way and the existing infrastructure will become super external cities or towns – a mix between the perfection of zone a and its three pricipals and the dystopesque embellishment of future modernism and the urban landscapes of zone b. the density of these quartiers will be less and the structures and buildings – public and private, less gargantuan than the universe city platform of zone a – however they will in no way be modest in comparison to the think tank structure of zone b and the chalford minchin hampton continuum
the terraform for the rest of the platform will be as follows –
the high points of the cosmic weave will create ridges and ravines, the greates ridge being – standing between amberley and burleigh in the universal size and shape – this peak will be one of many that surround the vast plateau of minchinhampton and rodborough common with minor peaks around the plateau – with gulfs between them used as look-out / vantage points from various parts of amberley and likewise from minchinhampton over the think tank and box and pinfarthings over nailsworth both sides of the think tank will have high peaks but not as high as the amberley / minchinhampton side. in fact these will still only be hills by comparison to the ridge of mountains around the platform but the entire structure of minchinhampton and rodboroough common will be known as “mount olympus” boasting the finest views from the academy in amberley and beaudesert over nailsworth in pinfarthings. the valley of chalford will have a river flowing through it and snow on the peaks on either side all winter
this will be typified and allocated to geographically linked quartiers all over the platform though not as undualting or varied anywhere else within the universe city or zone a – again the clusters of quartiers and their topography will be linked aesthetically to the zone of mount olympus in amberley / minchinhampton. the kadsr of the runic weave dictates these undulations all over the platform and the terraform, mapped to the ipvxyz registration of UORFII will implement this in the process of terraform – the outer zone (except the garden strip which will be relatively flat) will have more undulation than the universe city and although greater spaces less density within the quartiers that form the clusters of undulation areas. however these clusters will also be mapped to the basic design of mount olympus, incorporating the local topography of the areas therein – outside zone a – between zone b, these undulations and clusters will embed and create fissures and entrances to zone b think tank underneath the whole network will mesh to this structure.
cities and towns outside zone b that are developed through the terraform seperate to the umosras villages will develop much like cheltenham does as a canal city that is interconnected but not part of walls 1 – the creation of these zones will be varied and depending on the eli will develop as seperate communities and quartiers and be run ina similar way to the zone a universe city on a much smaller scale with much less density of creation