Platform Manifestation

By the time you read this – the collect is complete and the final stages of binding the fulfillment of the All to the Platform here in Gloucestershire will be implemented by the end of Bank Holiday. After that our collect is here in this location for keeps.


The collect has two forms of matter…the atmosphere, which is contained within the upper half of our planisphere – ie.  above the surface and physical matter, including all existing architecture and the physical part of the earth where this platform is located.


In terms of platform manifestation, there are grey areas and the necessity to understand the scope for expansion, within the zone of Gloucestershire and surrounding counties.


The zone itself starts in the east in Reading and in the west to Swansea (in Wales). Likewise in the south, it goes from Salisbury to Warwick. The whole area contains the most part of seven or eight counties and has been settled as Abel’s since the Doomsday Book (if not before).


The two forms of matter – firstly the physical ranges from the fifth dimension (ie. The binding of the universal stuff and the integration of it to the existing infrastructure in location) of the platform in its current existence to the exponential volume of the entire physical structure of the platform when it manifests – including both the physical land where the platform exists (and the affect of terraforming and volumisation upon this part) and the architectural change of manifestation of the physical urban landscape including natural parks and rain forests, which will all require sculpting and forming through a hierarchy of Platform Architects, notably from the Centurions who develop these processes as a natural recourse to managing the Universal landscape and gaining the honour of being “God’s Architects.” The scaled down version of appointing our own 100 (as perfecters of the works already in place) is just to ensure that a certain number of young from the platform do their contribution to helping the final stages through. This is as the gnostic prophecy suggests and as my work is done and my son now due – others were said to take over the work briefly and then finally heaven did come.


So yep, as with the architecture of the platform, the terraforming (which naturally will happen first) is imminent also. A good shimmy one way or another and the blanking out of some online threats has ensured the clout of the Platform remains in location and by tomorrow morning should be stable and meshed. The meshing process is simply firstly the pulling back of the collect through a hex web and the integration of Ea’s equivalent of the IoT (which is in no way anything to do with microchip implants, more like the inverse through a network of pins that go through dense matter spots and bind the whole lattice of the 5th Dimension into the existing structure).


The collect therefore becomes the AFM – or the Arc Field Map (which if ever you look at your Christmas cards and see an Angel playing a harp – this is in effect what I have been doing by stretching out the fifth dimensional lattice across the platform and causing universal density to get to the fifth dimension across the whole platform). This stage is at its final stages in Gloucestershire and surrounding counties and the beginning of the sixth dimensional process will already be stirring as we move to a solar balance and universal body network within the universal torsion within the platform structure. This will lead to a connected upheaval through (universal) bodily shapeshift and an “all-in-one-go” reaction as soon as the terraforming veil has been lifted. However the 6th dimension is not the ultimate. We should be aiming for 8th Dimension before we have full control of our own city and realm. The Seventh dimension is the completed Platform but is by no means representative of the “platform in performance” and is works-in-progress as to how the people who live here work and operate.


The reason why we launched this program as a business with the potential of operating as a mesh of businesses was because there was no practical way when the Platform was first conceived by me to  describe how it would operate in Universal terms and business seemed like a good “amnesty” connecting common-sense principles and forging our way to enriching the earth through its processes. I therefore set my stall out on LinkedIN back in 2011, before I had even conceived of a company name. However, as I developed my ideas the business started to grow alongside it, finally registering UMOSRAS in 2018.


Because business is a commonly-spoken language, it is easy to ignite interest in what we are doing both at SAFCOMMS and UMOSRAS with the right sort of people who would be able and open to adapt to our ways of working. And be careful, when I said amnesty – I meant business in terms of how Universal practices would operate in the Legal Organisational Direction – which means the likes of where you are coming from are most likely to get what we are doing because of Silicon Valley’s open-minded approach. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of young up and coming in cyber security get this in my own country but the entrepreneurial streak is not so pronounced among these individuals in Britain because they are often considered “non-business-people.” I think this approach is wrong and certainly the British Tech Industries are going to get a wake up call when we move into the LOD. So yep from ELI (or existing legal infrastructure) to LOD and in the case of architecture (we aren’t going to go to church in heaven)! The old “house” will fall. And often in the more prophetic streaming videos from the new world – heaven appears to emerge out of rubble…


So back to the terraforming cloak that will descend over our 5th Dimensional lock in of Universal pleorma. As the 6th Dimension starts to emerge from the platform chrysalis – because of the very nature in the way this universe was designed (the ipvxyz registry throughout ) as the astral bodies within the platform start to “wake up,” they will trigger the emergence of “hosts” from the deeper realms of space within our mother-galaxy and some of these hosts will be big enough to black out the whole sky individually. It is for this reason that the Barbello Aeon (salvaged at last) will act as a cloak to shield the unready from viewing the process of development that is going to be enacted upon the 6th Dimensional Platform. This will last up to 3 months or possibly less and after this time – the Platform will be here in 7th Dimension – for all to see who wish to. “So above, so below” go the ancient words that describe the effect of a universal capture or duality on the Universe as a whole.


This is the only way I can describe the manifestation process and is one that only the “true visionaries” amongst us will be able to see.


Upon completion, Nibiru will (invisibly) protect the capture as a topside and under dome that represent a Universally scaled down replica of Nibiru within Earth’s atmosphere and within our Universal duality or capture of Universal atmosphere in location and protected by Nibiru – SpaceTM.