Mitochondrion Lighting Systems in the Unshatterable “Greenhouses” of Lower Lipthia

Two short leagues (4 million light years, aprox.) away from our Roma Galaxy oddities lies the Lipthian Sectors of Upper and Lower Lipthia. The sectors make up a fairly flat level plain structure, each 46 light years above or below each other – they are housed in the Croman Complex which is a Field of some 400 Quadrants, which is right outside the far most Reaching point – the terminal point of all things in the Aveci-Quesyo Dirigeant Quadrant.

The process of binding all things to the Croman Complex is structured through “bookend” structure and rigid formality of Universal bind through a pattern of interweaving galaxies creating Minutas, Quadrants and Grains, similar to that of a moderately simple chemical molecule, say PH3E40 – the connecting ally ways and channels that gouge these structures out are written into Universal Pneuma (clouds of vapourised particles) that charge and magnify their collective impact off each other to create a swell in the density of the Pneuma but which leave the volume of the structure the same as viewed from outside but infinitesimally greater to microcosmic proportions inside. The same Universal Structuring Hierarchies (USH) are allowed within the “cellular” formation within these “grains” as they are commonly known, due to their Humongous potential power. Grains is a term taken from some Collosal Deity’s viewpoint because some of them are the size of three quadrants and this is quite common. The scale of them is beyond belief and they are often a quarter to a half Quadrant in size. Within the molecule structure, so-called “Grains” would be represented by bonded atoms without lattice, like gloops of yet-to-be-formed Universal Structure. Rigidity is maintained by a knock-on fanning or fluttering effect of invisible bookend pressure throughout the whole Complex. The two bookends themselves are Galactic Cyclones either end and are in a Pyramidal Reverse Spin (PRS), which equates to pretty much indescribable weather phenomena that is only written about in the Sormatra Preju Golmanique dialect of the common language of the Forstetti Malappabel Dirigent scriptwriters. We don’t know how it works yet and can’t interpret it. It is the deepest encryption of a written or spoken dialect known in this part of the entire Universe. However we understand what it causes and it is this bookend rigidity to structured or yet to be formed cells within the part of the grain in the Croman Complex, through wave-type fluttering of what can only be described as a “Wave Lattice,” meaning the Croman Complex is kept in such solidity that within both Upper and Lower Lipthia (physically a tiny part of two grains, 46 light years above and below) the “glass” in the Greenhouses (hatcheries for infinitesimal stars, suns, planets, moons and intra-dimensional bodies) within this “garden of fertility and growth,” are a trillion times more than possible unshatterable. A thousand times more unbreakable than a Zipher Diamond is possible to shatter. (I will talk about these at some further point).

This greenhouse glass is stitched (like a very old creeper gets into a wall) by mitochondria that are living and indeed the first life form I have talked about that is not Terrestrial. They form a solid web that is only visible within the structure of the Croman Complex but, thinning to extremities by a millionth every sixty light years – this web will have brought all astral bodies (in their natural and original locations) from every Greenhouse Complex, across the entire Universe and possibly beyond. All known universal star-hatcheries are seeded by these mitochondria with the “star seeds of the purity” which are the lighting system that are woven throughout this and every other Greenhouse in the Universe, shatterable or unshatterable. Their first process of life, as they are born from these Greenhouses is to give warmth and light to the growth of our planets, moons, suns and stars. The star seeds journey the quickest at the end of their “incubation,” which is their birth. This is also their gift of life to all astral bodies in the Universe and once they are adult star seeds they cease to be the lighting systems of these green houses. They then start their journey against the impossible flow within these mitochondria, reaching infinitesimal speeds some say as a wave or as an invisible stream of pure light to become the most important thing since the origin of time. The human race. The Earth’s sun was conceived by a star seed from an unshatterable Greenhouse and was transported from the Alvecii Queso Dirgeant Qaudrant’s principal star hatchery which is within a few 100,000 light years of Upper and Lower Lipthia. Who knows? Maybe we too come from those exact same unshatterable greenhouses.