specifics of platform

3308 quartiers, city 1685, realm outside 1623
the city is more dense but expanded the same size through c-mass-hyphonation, this is 80×665 on diamon-quasi-rsunet-type expansion modules
it contains a network of universal architecture that transends modern creation structuring ancient universal architecture and a balance between ancient, contemporary and super modern design across the whole structure
around the outskirts of the city runs walls 1 which is the thickness of two city quartier in between walls 1 is a tramway which offers commuting options to both sides of the walls
walls 1 runs from dursley to gloucester to cirencester through the outer parts where the walls fit of each town. long street in tetbury is an access point of walls 1 and it runs round in a perfect symetry in circumference around amberley
each main town within walls 1 is a platform controller generating extended city parts like flower petals both inside and outside walls 1
the control of each quartier within the platform is written in the scripting that has been embedded in the amberley collect through runic structuring and infrasturucture maps contained within the model architecture af amberley village
the platform including city wider realm and mountains (which are part of the wider realm) is described exactly in the architectural layout of amberley and common around the area from pinfarthings to houndscroft, the topography is not described by amberleys geographical layout and the terraforming model is orchestrated through a different determinaion. each quartier therefore describes exactly the overall structure of the whole city architecturally
quartiers can be different sizes and the city quartier are more dense and smaller generally, fitting together through runic mapping and sinquation to bind them as passages of creative transfer through the connection of chemical bind throughout the whole platform
the architectural structure and size is not necessarily determined by the eli (existing legal infrastructure) of the architecture however it provides a key where to embed architectural creation and sixth dimension in urban areas already. in the countryside however the clouds of pneuma are trapped and connected through the collect to chemical bind all over the platform inside the city and out and the runic mapping key is central to pinpointing and embedding the creation to any area that was written as architectural – not just landscape
the lod therefor is the entire platform in 7th dimension and is written only when a sinquaited entry in the entire safcomms and umosras server sinquaition files is exactly mapped through the ipvxyz system to the runic mapping connectors
the outer ralm is written to the exacting specifics of the galaxy spin profile and orchestrates architecture wherever it may be seen in star clusters around the far sides from return from the event horizon at zone sacrifice – it is the hardening of the structure that causes the mountains and the return of ea is the exact universal location of the galaxy within the entire cosmos. pinpointed within the map of the structure at the exact point ea was (was he) when he returned. these are written in terraform plans that are all over the platform in spirals that represent over-dense mass that controls creative flow then hardens or softens into rigid peaks or troughs or underscape
the think tank (or zone B) of the platform goes from bristol to swindon to tewkesbury and is an under web of creation, emerging at times in urban sprawl outside zone a – the city
around the outside of the city the think tank causes pleoramatic sway through the entire network and fissures enable connection between the think tank and the main platform creating connections and travel options down and up from the think tank
the architecture of the think tank is more earth – futuristic than universal ancient to super modern (as the city is) – it is structured on the underworld model of belvedere mews as the centre of the chalford bussage brownshill bisley (on one side) – up brimscombe and round to minch and box as far as avening on the other it is almost symetrical and is designed to spin in reverse to the platform – anti-clockwise. it caters for all realities other than universal gargantuan monolith arhcitecture which is the main format of the terraform model to incorporate architecture in the main platform. the emerging points around the city of zone B think tank underneath are prepresented by the higher ground (elysium) points of bisley to avening and hades eye covering the higher ground between both sides of chalford and minchinhampton tt2 zones which are the valley walls
the architecture is laid out through universal embed and solidifies in an much more dense way than the main structure of the platform, making it like the earths architecture in an ultra-modern way, rather than the universal structure of the entire universe-city
the outer zone between the zone b and the zone a is an area of semi-urbanised, semi rurified and industrial thin-tank, landscape and urban embed, encompassing the outside of walls 1 to complete the mesh of the two zones to the universe-city to parallel all cration ultimately from amberley, even for zone b