The final and most important issue within the first umosras platform, is that of travel (within the city). In umosras functionality 2, we touched upon complex viewing tendril matrices within the platform itself.  This is also accompanied by white end/ black end transfer tendrils that act as a “fibre – optic” within the viewing tendrils. With a complex black star/ white star program, we hope to accomplish instant travel for people within the city and indeed within the outer realm, reaching Walls 1 practices.  As with a modern metropolis, where there are frequent “portals” to connect people to the underground train systems, here in EVA, we will provide many travel transfer booths, potentially having a travel centre at every public building and corner of the street.  What is more, for a greater contribution of universal credits each year, or when needs must, it will also be possible to have one at your house or place of business.

The booths will consist of a hermetically sealed, two door corridor, manned at either end, with two barriers, one for entry and one for exit. The staff who will man these booths will be experts on transfer mapping within the tendril system and will be able to access any inner – realm travel codes, through a detailed knowledge of the transfer mapping kadsr, studied at the academy. The travel program will be fool – proof because the access staff will be able to plot the journey and read back the address of the destination, once the access codes have been put in.  A pleoramatic reader will scan your retina and take a thumb print, to ensure there is no “morphing” in the travel phase.  The experience will be nothing more than a short walk between two barriers that will lift when the transfer is ready (at one end) and again when complete (at the other).  Upon exit, you shall be in another part of the city or realm, having spent little or no time travelling.  In certain cases a small amount of time may be taken in “queueing.”  This is to prevent multiple entries or exits.

Yes ou and LEMS – Looking back at walls 2, you will see I have talked about LEMs or Local Electricity Matrices. An important aspect of setting up a grass roots, universal city is the question of where the power will come from and can it be sustainable? The answer is, we the citizens will be the source of that power. The energy dispersed by a single trip through the travel transfer system will be so great that the collective power of all trips taken will generate enough electricity to not only power EVA but other cities nearby. This will provide a good income for EVA, while at the same time, contributing to the requirement for clean energy. The nature of the tendril system within the platform will mean that the electricity will be generated inside the platform and where power is needed, a tendril will supply it. Because the platform is “living” there will be no need for electricians to rewire a house when a change is required. This is because the tendrils are intelligent and can be programmed to change to a specific location. This applies to all aspects of the tendril system including the living shoots and vines that nourish and protect the platform as a whole.

Furthermore some of the surplus energy will be allowed to “evaporate” through the living vines and will form as part of the invisible “Cloud Nine” that is kept in the atmosphere by EVA’s dome. This may be accessed by all UAES, or be tapped into by “free standing” appliances within the realm.