Walls 1


Walls 1 are the inner walls, which go around the city and comprise the entire public service infrastructure of the realm. They are dual-sided in reverse pyramidal form, but stylishly created with many undulations and in a contemporary design. Between both sides, there will be a dual – track, multi – stop tramway, called the¬†Interspress, which will enable employees and service users to travel between practices. The practices will entail every type of public service, relevant to EVA; including SAFCOMMS services, which will provide (alongside the usual security) the infrastructure for all communications, Local Electricity Matrices (LEMs), Universal Credits and Interior Arc Web (INAW), enhanced to specific domestic requirements (to ensure every home and place of business has everything it needs for comfort). The SAFCOMMS services will be channelled through a series of brackets, within both the inside and outside of walls 1 and will contribute to a system called Cumulo Nimbus 9 or “Cloud Nine” that shall act as a system to weather proof the realm and provide all SAFCOMMS infrastructure to all within and ultimately temporary connections, which may become permanent, to our associates outside.

The city within walls 1 will receive free infrastructure but will pay on a means – tested system for the services provided. Those living without will pay a percentage of their earnings (as a tax) which is sold to them by SAFCOMMS to receive all the benefits we provide. In return, they shall receive all services in walls 2 for no charge. All profit received by SAFCOMMS will go into developing technology to further the cause of EVA and to reduce costs for public services provided to the dwellers within walls 1.

The public sector workers for the inner part of walls 1 will come from outside the walls. The workers for the outer section will live inside.

The profit for the payment received by walls 1 will go towards enhancing our systems and investing in new projects both within and beyond the realm.