INAW stands for Interior Arcweb and is the icing on the cake, in terms of a UMOSRAS created platform. In UMOSRAS functionality 2, I touched upon unspoken control over the interiors of dwellings or places of business. These would be SAF programmed and would enhance the living areas and spaces around them to the requirements of the people who lived there. This means that all furnishings, appliances and interior decoration could be ordered to fit the residence, then SAFCOMMS would generate the products and make them appear exactly how required.  Not only this but also INAW would enable the SAFCOMMS products that build up in Cloud Nine to be channelled directly to every appliance within each home, office or place of business, on a means tested basis within the city, or as part of a tax in the outer realm and mountains. The contributions required to pay into INAW in order to receive these services would be Universal Credits