Plate 2

(Or Platform 2) A collaborative student/ senior project to be unveiled in stages at the academy of creation. When the designs are complete, work will then continue at the UMOSRAS practice – located secretly in Walls 2 to build scale models and to design synchronisation with day X. Interwoven in the arts of the entirety of platform 1 are the blueprints of Plate 2. It is the next stage up, which is why it will carry the city of platform 2 – in order to be installed in pastures new.

The project’s launch is set to coincide with the end of a tumultuous battle somewhere on earth. During the celebrations of victory, I shall be killed and travel to a specific area of the underworld, where death has his final dominion over the good souls. I intend to destroy death and in order to regain life within the limited time available to me, I shall release the good souls from their prisons and put them to hard labour, in order for them to regain life themselves. Plate 1 will then be built and it’s capabilities are to be as a ship of creation, not destruction. It is a mother ship that contains many vessels and can construct the most intricate or gargantuan projects – such as the construction of the space portae above the earth and through it’s “keel,” the practice cities that the students from Eva’s various institutions shall create in prototype form. The ship will consist of a giant plate with a keel and three console cockpits that stick up from its body to control the flight of the ship from the stern. The starboard console will control the flight plan for the subsidary vessels and the port side console will control the creative substance mixtures fed through the keel and the earth plan for where and when to lay them. If the plate is the main housing for all the workers on the ship’s build, platform 2 shall sit on top of that with a retractable, invisible dome to protect it during flight.

After several days of death, I shall regain life, having already visited and connected the previous glachstei in space to ours. The ship will lift out of the earth and will set about its task to firstly create porta da gamma for Eva, then embellish Eva itself to its full capacity. Then it will come to our new home to lay down platform 2 and create porta da nueva.