Existing Legal Infrastructure, Legal Organisational Direction – These are the two entities or bodies that make up the entire legal crossover from world law as it stands to a Universal Law that will take all existing legal framework to a level that has a fair and perfect way of representing and maintaining all legislation past, present and future. The crossover point will be the arrival of Eva and a heavenly law directed from a far higher perspective. In Universal terms the masterkey will be held in New Heaven. The facility will provide an integration program that will enable global law to bond with the grass roots of the Universal scheme. In so doing, as with all practices from UMOSRAS, earthly concepts shall be re – vitalised and undergo ethereal change that shall enable a future reality that can not only simplify but take to a much higher schematic an aged and limited concept, whose potential has reached its maximum.

In fact, in so looking at ELILOD, we can see how the larweb (see largo/ law) embellishes all earthly concepts with universal potential through a law that runs through Eva’s practices and taking this further, how the two concepts meet and one compliment the other. In other words, a legal framework that runs through all concepts put into practice from UMOSRAS that processes from the planting of the seed of the first thought through the earlthly infrastructure that returns to the revitalised Universal Practice of the Seraph KADSR.