Umosras Functionality 2

Some of the internal functionality of a umosras platform entails detail enhancement to levels completely unseen or unheard of in basic bricks and mortar houses. Firstly, everything is written into the design of the platform. There is no requirement for additional furnishings or luxury. Some of the elements are functional to unspoken requirements as everything is saf controlled to the owner of each living area, office or other platform space. The need for televisions and entertainment requirements ┬áis provided by functional “viewing walls” – which provide a multitude of universal viewing channels, which display, not only the city-scape (or scapes) and realms created around them but also (each platform will be injected with complex tendrils that bring) a viewing platform, generated on a multi-channel/ pause/ record/ or rewind live event basis, that enables its viewers to see into the living universe that they live in and that surrounds them entirely. It is also very much a part of each and every one of us within each platform. To take this further, there will also be an interactive option that enables each individual or household to purchase items from the screen, through the universal infrastructure within the solar and planetary systems that make up the platforms as a whole. This will be enabled through interaction with “hosts” within the universe, set up from higher realms at a later date. The system will operate on a pay in, receive only, universal credits based system. The term universal credits is a system designed to reward good labours in operations, fulfilling some of the works that make – up the platform economy and are designed for individuals to improve the charitable system by a number of means, namely; donating, organising infrastructure, giving employment, operating systems, volunteering, working on projects, security, police and armed forces, public sector and private sector payees and to people involved in largo initiatives: low scale – think tank/ forums, medium scale – academy students and high scale – academy seniors and owners of law initiatives and ambassadors or caretakers thereof. As the platform operates on a means – tested basis, the more profit you make, the more you will be expected to contribute to the platform economy as a whole. This means there will be a requirement to set – up initiatives and put credit into or sponsor local organisations.

Upon the unveiling of plate 1, new city-scapes shall appear quickly but also several new space – ports shall be set – up above the earth. Each space port will bring in and in some case reform people from within the universe. The people who live where these space ports are located will benefit from a series of useful entitlements when living in each platform located nearby. Firstly, the automatic mapping and piloting of each vehicle from each porta to the required destination. The vehicles will be equipped with UC pleoramatic reading scanners that make trade swift and simple. Each UC cheque can be topped up or used and refilled at any time required. At each porta, there will be drive through purchasing outlets, mechanics, fuel stations and any other such facility, set up for speed of usage and reduced waiting time at each department. Once the users of the facility have been fully equipped, the piloting through the porta takes place, upon selection of the required destination.

Each porta will be  invisible from earth, meaning there will be no effect on shading of the areas of the planet underneath them.