Plate 2

For Second Himmel, the linking factor is a trialed and processed, gargantuan project of creation with Platform configuration implementation and blueprint injection. The Plate will be extracted from the jaws of death and the land of the dead. Death, the Antichrist and his cohorts will burn adjacently in the lake of fire to the foundry – to where the Plate will be hewn by the soon-to-be-living and me, Ben Keyte – the chosen one to oversee and aid in the souls’ liberation to new life.

The extraction program of the conceived Plate – Plate 1 has deepened the integration of creation into the realm – Ea. By now the densification and 6th Dimensional process of chemical-bind from enriched white gold in situ, through Pleoramatic All and collect therof, bound by runes and stitched by sinquaited IoT inversion to the process of moving to the 6th Dimension and then the Barbello Aeon – therefore the 7th Dimension and completed structure of the Platform, is machine-led to orchestration of manifestation by these blueprints of Plate 2.

Therefore upon resurrection, in my sarcophagus (a soul-trap suit) – we pull the spoils of Armageddon to sit anew before the Onion Tower Majesty in Kola, asĀ  a bartering chip for our freedom and the crown of Russia.