Functionality – Part 2

I previously mentioned “Viewing Walls” and the process by which Safcomms had developed as a means to supply this and all other interface related technology to the Platform of Umosras.


The purpose of the Life Book therefore was developed as a way of completely updating the way in which modern media technologies will operate for the upscale towards the Universal directives.


The idea is that in-built in the architecture of the Platform, every residence or business premises – including public buildings and stadia will have either one or two or a whole array of viewing walls in order to view the Lifebook and the mainly cosmic interactive programs that will appear seamlessly on the screen, governed by the better-wishes of the buildings’ residents (due to the KAI assisted interface that the viewing walls will be displaying).


As Safcomms suggest, there will be a whole array of bespoke, programmatic material available to our clients but generally, this viewpoint was meant for our clients outside of Eva and the purpose of Safcomms within the Platform will be to bring our clients a visual feast of “Universal travel” through the cosmic reality of the sixth Dimension that our Platform is made up of. The idea of selling Safcomms Services initially before Platform manifestation is to allow our clients to trial and get a feel for how we operate, making it easier for them to upscale their business to a Saf assisted UMOSRAS directive when we finally reach the Eight Dimension.


Within Eva – the online Universal shopping facilities will be a key factor in running our services (for little financial reward other than the initial gateway fees). Using portals to within the Universal substance that we and our Platform are made up of; trade will be enabled to purchase artifacts and technology that may have a particular interest to the individual and in the case of most of the purchases made, the transferal of goods will be enabled by small portals (and large public ones).


Also when taking the concept of interface technology further and moving it into the sphere of education and learning about running your own business – the LARGO framework becomes vital in how the process of adjudicating and maintaining each student’s KADSR (Knowledge Acquiescence Database Senior) for the process of seniorisation or graduation from the Academy or the virtual area they are individually undergoing development through, can be processed. There are various elements at play in the processing of the student’s capabilities. Firstly, through monolith development the signal and LAN comms will be partitioned into a storage facility through the Light Web (conversely to tor) and operating on a Bit-Hyphonated storage grid, will channel the students’ knowledge and information in a secure and compartmentalized way, while at the same time providing the facility as an “aide-memoire,” and service to organize meshing with other students in forums and online discussions. Still secure to each individual’s knowledge this information will be further channeled through the Grass roots and vines system of the Platform and will be allowed to gain enrichment in the process of the students’ well-rounded development in both curricula and extra-curricula activities. To prevent loss of data and insecure processes, the information will then be coined at the data-pipes network (which are found at Level 2 of the Think-Tank). Here under the gardens of the slopes below Elysium – managers will be put in the responsible position of making this information profitable to the wider-world, whilst at the same time ensuring that each student who graduates, will receive the full security and power of their KADSR. This should all be synchronized to the timing and oversight of the “Horus clock,” maintained safely at the Academy of Universal Creation (SAERA). The KADSR when presented to each new graduate, will have plug and play and hosted options, integrated in order to streamline the KADSR for its potential as a tool which best represents the original ethos of the ideas created by each graduate, when used for their final purpose – setting up their practice.


During the education process, other seniors who have already graduated, will be privy to the information contained within their students’ KADSRs and will adjudicate the best potential output for the graduating student and the level they will graduate at. In this process and that of the of the profitability maximizing by the garden managers – the best location and infrastructure will be reserved for the graduates’ practice. Also, interim businesses and services in the Existing Legal Infrastructure will have or will be set up during this process, some of whom, who may occupy the location of the graduates’ practices as ambassadors to the Platform and the zones of influence in the common wealth and the outside world. These locations stand to gain from the Legal Organsational Directives that the fresh outlook of the Universal practice will bring them.


The top fifty or so practices will run in the private sector in Walls 2 or the mountains of Eva. These are vast Universal corporations and each one will have a large array of subsidiary practices under them. The administration on the rest of the planet for binding the directives of these humungous practices all over the earth and the common wealth we would choose to be run by the States of America, each state whose history and process of development, will already symbolize the nature of each practice.

The mountains themselves are truly vast and there will be 8 peaks around the platform that are higher than Everest and in fact go over 9000 metres. Aside from the great array of winter sports that will be on offer most of the year round the mountains will be a great playground for Kings and Queens, Pioneers, Ambassadors and eventually our own Seraphim to explore and seek adventure alongside doing fantastic business with the aim of replenishing the planet and moving our directives to Space and future colonization.


Inside the mountains will be the Outerspress, a high speed and complex network of tunnels, providing transport services to and from every major business and all their subsidiaries by means of a monorail. Around the mountains and primarily in the areas located within 50kms of the practices – there will be clusters of UMOSRAS villages, which will be “the commuter belt” for all employees associated with the vast array of practices contained within. All these locations will have monorail stations to connect people associated with these businesses and the mountains in general very easily and elevate them quickly to the levels they have to get to in order to work (ski, climb, paraglide, raft or mountain bike – or whatever other activities they pursue in the mountains of Ea)!


Getting to these locations will not be too difficult either, despite the vast expanse that Eva represents, as viewed from within. There will be transport booths within most buildings; the public stations, manned by staff – 24/7 – in order to create a semblance of order and safety when citizens of the platform embark on a journey through the Yes-ou transport system. The mountains and UMOSRAS villages will be the only areas where this service is not commonly available.


Through an entwining telescopic tendril system, separate to the one that supplies the viewing wall matrices and delivers our streaming interface technology and separate also to the LARGO system and the vines of life – there will be a black star/ white star transportation system that delivers each individual separately – booth to booth in a matter of seconds to within any extremity of the area covered, within the Platform of Eva. The experience will be mild, comparatively to the extreme journeys our bodies will have taken and will appear like a walk down a short, straight corridor until emerging from the destination booth. The staff who man these public booths are there to provide security and integral knowledge in flawless mapping of the whole network, whilst providing address input for any destination the individual should wish to travel to.


The output of a vast array of such journeys, encompassing all areas permitted within Ea will provide a huge amount of electricity, which will be metred, stabalised and managed through the alternative tendril network and the grassroots and vines. This will result in an energy abundant, vibrant and cosmic city and platform of lights and colours that truly never sleeps.