specifics of gardens

the bright luminosity of the universal array through the eli of the flora and fauna create diverse universal patterns in existing lifeforms, so ascendency happens for man, beast or plant creating ascension in shape, size scale and structure of all cellular patterns – the reality generated bellies only the truth beneath and the cause of the species universal struggle tyo attain the light and become the ultimate of their genus.

this is woven through the gardens of the platform, which incorporate the swathes of open fields that do not sustain architecture (about 1/5th of the entire platform) including the garden strip and a variety of rainforests – 3 in the city platform and eight in the outer realm. parks of the platform are functional and designed to celebrate all that is free under gods air and embrace culture planting schemes and divine interraction with alien species from our earth ultimate in the collection above that is affected by the universal change that shall give us all ascension –

this reality will manifest itself as a pure rendering of cosmic grain patterns, wherever there is a park or rainforest to typify the galactic sweep of cosmic creation – these are farmable with scilla species extra terrestrial cow and the maschinery used to deploy this is especially incorporated into the design to ensure maximum output of healing crop which will solve epidemics across the world and keep our subscribers – healthy and clean – munch.

the grassroot vines and kadsrs that are farmded out by these will starty to typify the motives of all platform subscribers, connected all realities through a network of vines that will channel creation to make everything local in how it is attributed and processed to the future reality and architectural distribution to the people of the platform.

these grass roots before becoming fully formed will supply the universal bodies to the platform integration in the sixth dimension – after afm chemical bind. this reality will inject the astral bodies of the duality of the cosmos into the platform and become equi to the universe and initiate the interest from universal terraformers and centurians (architects of the platform). once this job has been fully executed, then the grass roots and vines will start to mop up space where transit happens to the cosmos within the platform. most predominately within the abelcity part (zone 1) – which will be swept with real living walls of tree of life vines that will transmit light and house knowledge for kadsr attainment to all subscribers of the platform – these vines will also weather the system, clean the waste products and disapate spacetm to the overall platform air bubble and atmosphere. to generate, grow and provide eternal life to those who choose the hardway – ending in the provision of the first and only fruit of the tree of life in the platform, the white grapes of the vines of Eva (representing in each bunch the 50 or so private sector practices as coined in the mountains).

the gardens themselves will be managed to the true way of each subscriber and practice / domestic owner – these will condition automatically, representing all challenges achieved by these individuals to have attained the ultimate level that is their practice or property – a launch block for all future attainment and their role in future landscapes outside of ea. the management of the gardens will simply be represented by the better-wishes of the platform observees and connected by saf tacs as a minimum – everything on the platform will be linked up to the galaxy planting plan, just being more manicured and refine to a more robust universal scheme, dictated by our ultimate.