Functionality – Part 1

All said and done in Part 2 and that is pretty much how I can best describe how Platform Manifestation will happen. The technicalities of the processes that cause the Platform to manifest will exist still in the functionality of the Platform and as I saw with all levels of Heaven upwards, every stage has a full and perfect way of functioning and to the fine degree, every process within the makeup of the entire platform operates as an individual instrument to form a collective orchestra of the overall design.


The primary function of First Heaven is one of varying amnesties or a cross over point from the rituals of earth to dimensional upshift to the Universal directives and ways of doing things. These amnesties will encompass everything from civil, business, social and legal – from public sector enterprises and associations to private sector business and will showcase how a single business can replenish areas of the planet that have become dead to growth and hope for the future. Although the platform’s internal function to its citizens will be an amnesty and a way to ascend to the Universal directives – the impact on the Earth, by the time we reach the 8th Dimension and everything is operating smoothly will become our primary purpose. It is our intention to breathe life into a struggling and straining, war-torn planet.


It is our view that the green agenda is a limited concept and often forgets to observe the existence of space as a potential commodity – one that harbours an abundance of knowledge and technology that when visited (not just observed) can equip us with a vast myriad of processes in order to heal our earth and take some of the strain from her by replacing global industries’ apatite for unsustainable energy with the exotic potential of space-provided technologies. So therefore if replenishing the earth is our primary motive for having such a vast operation become manifest, then the platform will have the most far-reaching and overt space program that even some of the secret space programs from this planet would have trouble keeping up with the pace of development and size and scope of our “ESP” or Eva Space Programs. We would make it mandatory for every single platform inhabitant to have some involvement and access to the availability of travelling off-world by the time we have reached the 8th Dimension. So although our motive is global sustenance, our agenda will be a globally overt space program at the forefront of world innovation.


Having dealt with our primary functions and purpose for existence as an entity, the description of functionality within the platform is to do with the cohesiveness of how the full body of the platform and all its different areas of influence, R&D and variety of people and state will operate.


Firstly, the protective dome of the platform that although, obviously breathable and permeable is purely there to make sure the Universe we embody never becomes a surrogate to the Earth again. The overall purpose of the Universal Order on Earth is the Universal enrichment of the planet and subsequent takeover of the Earth (our Universal planet) meaning that by New Earth and the New Heavens; there will not be one part of the Earth that does not serve a fully functioning Universal process. The mapping of the Universe to Earth is already underway and the sharing of our educational expertise in doing this through the IPvXYZ system is integral in our mission to bring about Safe Havens or a Common Wealth of similar platforms on the same level as the first universal platform. In fact when looking at the dome and its planetary equivalent of Nibiru – you may well understand that replenishing Nibiru’s atmosphere is our Anunaki goal – furthermore, we will create an abundance of extra home grown pleorama from Eva or UMOSRAS, with which we will have more than enough to start focusing on other specific areas of the planet where large numbers of our citizens are connecting to us from. These “Safe Havens” will form (as a collective) our Common Wealth (two words, note).


So moving on to the second function of the platform as a whole, it will rotate as an entity and “appear” to move around the earth, meaning that given a specific time and place; any part of the Earth will be reachable from connecting to it from the exit portae in our mountains (that run around the outside of the platform). This will make management of the Common Wealth much easier than sending ambassadors in space craft to locations of the planet that may or may not welcome them.


The Charity Life Arc Web (or CLAW) will attend to the Common Wealth and the LAW (Life Arc Web) within the realm of UMOSRAS is the means by which charity and the sharing of product and both taxable and non-taxable services (I will come onto tax later), will be distributed and administered to.


One of the key ingredients of the living platform is the grassroots and vines that will distribute all the above plus enabling pleorama to be distributed for processes such as terraforming and architectural development of “blind” practices and other such infrastructure that has not yet been allocated to individuals (due to their temporary or ambassadorial nature). The vines provide the white grapes of life (our only fruit of the tree-of-life in first Heaven) to everyone and every living thing in the Platform. The vines will entwine everything within the platform (for an example of how this will look, although not artificial at all – please see living walls in Paris). Although rather than being purely cosmetic they will serve a real purpose for the Platform of Eva.

  1. The Pleoramatic Traficking and Returns System (PTRS) within the platform – as already mentioned to provide optional architectural and terraforming development options.
  2. The White grapes of life, which are representative of the 50 or so fully-fledged businesses that top Seraphim develop at the SAERA or Academy and run as their “practice” in Walls 2 or the mountains, upon graduation.
  3. The analogue storage of KADSRs as they develop within our students’ minds and collect within the data-pipes of the Think-Tank city.
  4. The soaking up of surplus and release of targeted energy to freestanding appliances and craft in the Yes – Ou and Local electricity Matrices programs.
  5. The purification of water and the removal of waste material from the Plumb-Plan (sewer network) and help towards the distribution of the water table to the entire platform through Cloud 9.
  6. Through respiration and photosynthesis, the contribution of increasing universal atmosphere and perpetuation of SpaceTM.
  7. These processes shouldn’t be seen as separate but sequential to the overall grassroots organism.


Alongside the vines is the KAI (Christian AI), which is already being developed in Safcomms Limited. KAI will assist any plug and play operation within the entire platform, including media equipment (like viewing walls) which I will come onto later – specifically to describe our purpose for building Safcomms Limited in the first place and our development of Lifebook technologies. The purpose of KAI is to offer a perfect, streamlined service that acknowledges the better wishes of the client with a freely abundant transferal of telepathic knowledge to improve the experience and service provided by all technology.

Because the Platform viewed from the interior is absolutely vast – we will develop a physical presence in KAI and in some cases of the ascension process; those who do not survive all the way up, will organically upload their souls (should the inevitable happen) and a perfect representation of them will enable them to continue their life (they will not even know they died).


Final note in this email references taxation – TACs or temporary arc connections (unlike a business PAC – or Permanent Arc Connection) are not paid for and therefore taxed. The zones of taxation are to be decided but initially, the mountain zones and realm outside the city and walls 1 will be taxable to a certain degree unless individuals specifically opt to pay for PACs. For those living tax-free the idea is that it shall be means tested and contribution based. This brings Universal Credits into the equation and like NFTs, UCs will be weighted in many varieties of value per cred. In the case of UCs, the weight of an individual’s contribution to platform and overall society will float the value of each cred. For those who don’t pay tax but are wealthy per credit and or in business or real-estate, it would be the done thing to sponsor an organisation or organisations and for the super wealthy and large corporation share holders, setting up a hospital or school or at least department within one because of the nature of your employees work or training requirements would not be unexpected.