Think Tank

The think tank is a city within the city of the realm. It is split into three parts: the first part is the lowest part, once the “bitter waters” have been swallowed for all new entrants. The idea at this level is to get the maximum output of thought, once the first concepts start to come to the initiates. The new recruits come from people with vulnerable issues and are selected mainly on their potential to improve. They live in surroundings that are comfortable and leisure orientated. They listen to music and watch a good selection of global channels/ play games and follow current affairs, they may play sport and be encouraged to play team games. Once their concept(s) has/ have started to take root, they start to input psychologically and physically into their Knowledge Acquiescence Database SR (KADSR) and in small discussion groups start to work on grass roots initiatives. The level 1 area of the city is cavernous and the enclosure within has a medieval feel to the outside but inside has all the modern attributes of a leisure driven initiative. All the data for entrants’ kadsrs is stored, protected and filtered to finely tune their direction for when they become seniors. This all happens in the data pipes area, which is level 2 of the think tank. This section has offices and residences for the administrators who work here and is split into two sections. The data pipes are stored under glass panels, under the gardens and houses of the administrators and sit within the hills on either side. The left hand side deals with all KADSR information from the think tank and Academy. The other side deals with the LARGO¬†opportunities that initiate at the think tank, which are finely tuned, later on at the academy, to which the initiates will progress either directly or via the forum program. These programs are sent on to TT2 via the academy and through this system, the Walls 1 and Walls 2 practices shall be set up.

The final level of the think tank is the top level, where the initiates will return to, once their education program within the main city has been completed. There is a circular bridge that joins both sides of the upper level and this is Hades’s eye that looks at and knows everything within it. The entire top area looks and feels perfect and pleasant, like a downscaled interpretation of the main city. This is where students will integrate into the wider world potentially becoming trained to be ambassadors or even “seraphim” on their own or shared projects. The idea is to see how their own idea, or ideas fit into the fabric of Platform society and politics and is an essential element in a think tank entrant’s completion of studies.

The entire inner realm of the platform (which is the think tank) spins in the other direction of the platform itself. (See other plans).