Other Plans

Other plans would include a financial centre to set up the Universal Credits system, a grass roots temple (or palace), as a nerve centre to the city security and spiritual ethos, a cathedral (mainly for graduation ceremonies of seniors), a senate for the universe city politics, government offices for the overall operations management of civil life and forums for the development of think – tank initiatives. There would also be sporting arenas including racecourses and a large hotel and other smaller ones, with UAES storage facilities, as a prefecture for visitors to the realm. Finally, there would be a vast arrayment of villas, palaces and prefectures in varying styles, all designed to fit in to the overall structure of the city ambiance and functionality. The platform would spin in relation to the world as a whole but always appear to remain in its original position, meaning that from a certain point within walls 1, the earth could be accessed at any given location; specified by the date and time of departure and return.