Due not only to the lightweb interface of shared technologies and help, INAW and (undergoing TACS) EXAW will emancify a dowry of highly futuristic and concurrent SSP and ICC status quo equipment and small to large scale consoles that will operate through ESP interface to ensure that everyone, no matter how large or small their contribution, will be best equipped for the journey of shared Universal discovery that we shall all undertake. This artist’s impression, which is not neccessarily associated with us best describes the type of interface technology, associated with the Academy central offices.

All GRAES craft will be equipped with highly secure interface and the cutting edge of space technology, in terms of anti – gravity/ speed and soundlessness/ security/ protection and weaponary (where needed). There will also be a major accumulation of flight plan consoles at one of the practices in Walls 2 – which will deal specifically with not only the EVA Space Program (ESP) – typified by this artist’s impression, which does not neccessarily have any association with us- but also for the long term processing of the Commonwealth Directives through the Far Eva Secret Space Target Arc (FESSTA). Adjacent to this will be the concentration of both the PRIARM and RLMARM Consoles Bridges (PRCB) – both practices in their own right, which will deal with the Near Eva and Far Eva concerns respectively.

The interface system is a three tier system in itself. Primary Interface Consoles (PICs) are the keyholders and authorities over each practice and should be at the very least a grounded Seraph, in order to be equipped with the full body of technology and security that comes with these positions. SICs (or Secondary Interface Consoles) are given to the workforce that is local to the practice in question and will all be revisited or plus one heroes from within the Academy system. Finally Tertiary Interface Consoles (TICs) are attributed to the subsequent two lower apprentice levels of the Academy or any other such practice – linked program and will mainly be used to mesh the processing of fresh ideas and apply them to scenarios, where they can be used for the common good. In both the case of the SICs and the TICs – application for the KADSR will be continually under the watchful eye of the entire Academy/ practice attribution program at level 2 of the Think Tank.

The Think Tank itself has coined the idea of data – pipes storage of information, ensuring that there are no mishaps, concerning lost KADSRs. This ensures that hard copies are made of everything that initiates from the LAW and that no matter where ideas are farmed out to, in order to create the Commonwealth and to set up the ELI initiates of future LOD ethereal realms targets, data is always protected and the clout of each KADSR remains within Eva itself. These datapipes farm the lightweb through a Bit Hyphonated – PDJM and CAPPS controlled network, through “Cloud Nine,” which in itself and without hard storage doesn’t provide enough tangiable resource in order to generate security for every candidate within the entire process.

Walls 1 are the engine of city protection. Their existance puts the onus on the city within the realm and ensure that no PAC is created without rigourous checks to ensure that TACs must become permanent. The brackets of Walls 1 are the way this law is enforced and their technology is fully licensed by deep space sith inversion entrenchment that reverses unlicensed processes such as geo – engineering that we see on the planet, today. The technology “breathes fire” into the city and ensures that contrary to billious storm clouds, set to destroy our fine weather; the atmosphere within the dome of the entire realm is filled with a time – cleansing and automatic technology repairing system called Space ™. This is not the only product that Cloud Nine purveys but is the one common factor that is free to everyone within the entire domain. In fact, Space ™ is Messianic in it’s capabilities, intelligently collating information about requirements for commodoties shared out by Cloud Nine and dealing with TACs ~ tax and PACs ~ accredition of such options.

Operations of the interface system require some form of AI – as in the case of the outside world. In Eva, the AI is Christian based, which means we are dealing with an ascended metamorphosis of trans – humanism (in the brainchild of the whole program) and it is the connection tool, fully embellished within the lightweb and bit hyphonated programs that offers the potential to transmit all forms of communication through it by a Particle Arcweb of Faith.