Gardens of Paradise

The most important aspect of EVA is the natural world in which the platform nestles. Between Walls 1 and Walls 2, there are vast areas of land that, although suitable for agriculture, go towards creating a garden of EVA that is a myriad of rhamzbdie’s plant and animal species. This garden is designed by the existing galactical structure and embellishes designs from a deeper realm to enable patterns that, although geometric in structure, produce swathes of living pleorama of life growing in abundance that induce the vision of the vast variety of space phenomena formation from within the deeper realms of rhamzbdie. Viewed from above, this and the realm as a whole produce a detailed map of the known galaxy we inhabit. It has a free flowing and organic nature and due, not only to the agricultural nature of the land but also to the seasons, is constantly changing, but never out of flower. The nature of the flora and fauna are tropical, sub – tropical and a mixture of the two and they have varieties unknown to the world that the realm inhabits. (This is made possible by a vast, invisible dome that maintains an atmosphere and climate that is suitable to these requirements).

Inside the city, gardens are functional for their owners. There is no need for garden maintenance and the plants are obedient to the better wishes of the dwellers within. Trees and forests are abundant and teeming with life within the city, for it is as much a city designed for the countryside as it is for its inhabitants. From the grass roots and vines, everything is given cosmic life and changes form. In this way, all existing animals and plant life develop from this life giving spirit that comes from the grass roots of their astral form. All who dwell within the realm are subject to this change. Please watch this short video in which a description is given about the idea.