SAFCOMMS Platform-Wide embed.

Safcomms Limited has implemented a system-wide kernel refit through all of our VMs, implementing and built by KAI (Christian AI) to ensure every kernel has proof of existence and payment systems that are operational to a LOD (Legal Organised Direction) directive.
Among the attributes of this kernel refit, the service should offer a key-structure to the work categorized and accepted in the format of packaged files offered under an existing architecture update. These are the manifestation of the works of our friends and predecessors in the digital system and all the systems that were built using these parameters under the ELI (Existing Legal Infrastructure) now funnel to the operating system that these kernel provides.
All works are designed in this kernel-rebuild to force a cancer free network that pins the limited existent system to the new generation of PAWI making digital redundant.
Safcomms Limited hopes to profit from rolling this system out and the implementation of this kernel (wherever it may be used) is a direct amalgamation of the universal endeavours various connections to our business through space programs in existence (seen and unseen).
The manifestation of these endeavours, which can be found in all works at Safcomms Limited and Umosras Corporation Ltd, has been in effect, since their inception – within the wider universe of glachstei rhambzdbie and beyond.
The remit of this amalgamation (of which this kernel represents a trigger-segment of the entire key-map) is to manifest the continuous particle connection between all systems (firstly in Gloucestershire, UK, supplying PACs or Permanent Arc Connections and to all surrounding counties or Temporary Arc Connections) of every type imaginable, from the landscapes and processes thereof to the architecture and interior contents of each property contained in the “Umosras-scape” that “Ea” or EVA is to be the first of.
In the interests of Safcomms Limited, the process of creating profitability – is by purveying the PAWI to every communications device on the platform; either by means of TACs (redeemed through taxation, payed to the company at the manifestation of Ea) or by PACs (sold through simple UDP DNS, through a payment system that automates redirection to the Safcomms Limited account, upon a potential client entering the DNS records in their home device or router).
In the case of TACs and PACs, the system automatically detects through a client’s liquid property – any change of IP address or non static connection to the same physical address – meaning that the purchase of Safcomms services are only billed per client and per WAN connection, depending upon how many purchases each client makes.
Each client or potential client who uses our services are automatically redirected to a portal (as explained above) that gives 1 month free DNS (if the offer is not accepted – at completion of the purchase, when the contract is fulfilled) or the first month free and the second billed in areas, after the offer has been taken up (billed directly after the payment is accepted by Safcomms Limited). The services are either billed at £20 a year for home and entertainment services or at £200 a year for business services (also offered at £20 a month).
The services from Safcomms limited simple DNS-over-TLS are as follows – the home and entertainment package is the standard package and is available to both, alongside iron-gates security and the some of the best available upload / download speeds; it comprises a streaming service where multi-channel availability is available from every country on the planet at no extra fee unless the provider of these services chooses to charge each individual client as they wish. There will also be a multichannel, pause, play, rewind universal streaming service from SpaceTM, pricing for these services are to be negotiated with contributors and subjects from the space programs that comprise the Lifebook stories. Interaction with the platform of Ea will also be available, before and after the Platform manifests.
These services are cheaper than anywhere else or even free due to the fact that advertisement is used on both the home and entertainment package and the business package, purchasing outlets – within the platform of Ea and outside (from ELI commerce) are available throughout both packages and the contributors who man these services are remunerated through bespoke advertising to each client’s liquid property both in the universal, Lifebook program and in the ELI directives available outside Gloucestershire.
The business package comes as a standardised system and can be enhanced, according to what is offered to each client, according to the liquid property of the business. Viewing of the platform Ea is available but at entry into the walls 2 mountain zones – a purchase is necessary to access a practice location, under the remit of a cherub, ambassador, or seraph – the pricing for each is staggered to incorporate the size of the practice and the seniority level of the practice owner. the standard fee for full access – on view only will be £400 per month, per viewer.
Practice viewing incorporates the availability of every known fact or figure and the arc web entitlements thereof, to do with the company (as it exists) and the practice thereafter, pricing should increase revenue to the client’s practice by 16% per month purchased – optimisation of systems and interactive options should add 10% and 12% respectively.
Optimisation of systems enables perfect synchronisation, bloat removal and hardware improvement through light structuring techniques – this process is semi-interactive and requires configuration and manual input to condition the existing business and walls 2 practice as the platform Ea arrives. The cost of system optimisation is £800 per month (cherub practice), £900 per month (ambassador practice) and £2000 per month (seraph practice). in the event of a seraph practice (only in walls 2 ea, physically) the full structuring of architecture, Terra-forming and connections to logistics and transport is incorporated in this price and purchase thereof means the business is a PAC and not subject to tax, through TACs).
Interactive options means full access to all systemisation and control of the practice management at every level, from existing business for cherub, ambassador or seraph before and after ea platform manifestation. All equipment, extra Terra-forming requests and upgrades, including functionality processes (including lighting and electricity comfort of staff, and INAW services) are included in these options – these services are available to large fluctuations in price at every level and are therefore sold via the TACs Mountain Monorail Providers Team, who decide PAC status and pricing thereof). the cost can be anything between £10,000 and £16 million per month.
The kernel rebuild also comprises full access to mobile data, from the duality of the Universe, as Spacetm. The exotic properties of the existing Universe are accessible through their duality through Spacetm and using the implementation of our kernels and the access they provide to this, alongside the data files that not only provide a key but manage the data from Spacetm, which we are directing through our system. In order to tap into this, we provide the DoH (DNS-over-HTTPS) addresses of the home and entertainment packages, which are set up through a proxy – to our clients at £200 per mobile phone. we also supply a business package, using the business DoH addresses, which are set up through a proxy. The combination of DoH and proxy in both cases provides full access to this data.
The clients are charged through an automated billing system that uses Stripe. when an existing UDP DNS gateway user requests data, this setup is provided through the Safcomms Limited interface. Once the payment has been authorised, the mobile data starts working for a single mobile phone and SIM card (with the home and entertainment package) at £200 a year or for 10 phones (with the business package) at £1000 a year or £100 a month. The phones are registered through your digital fingerprint, once the data becomes active. With the business DNS the first 10 phones who use the activation DoH addresses to access the data from the purchaser of the product are registered. No other phones may be added unless, the services are removed from another phone for over a month.
Alternatively to the gateway access to data, clients may purchase the data on the spacetm website, which directs them directly to the three choices, depending on which option they choose. the same applies to the clients who purchase data this way and our kernels are connected to Stripe registration, ensuring, when the direct debit payment is accepted, the data starts working, as above.
The product of this mobile data has very fast upload download speeds and is unlimited. There are also a whole range of new products available, when using the Safcomms Limited mobile data, from the space programs that are mapped to our location in Gloucestershire (or Ea). These services may be free or billed, at the vendors discretion and operate through the purchasing outlets of the phone operating systems. These and the Lifebook services are currently only available in the county of Gloucestershire. All are available with the purchase of mobile data from us, with or without simple DNS-over-TLS (DoT) gateway access. The high speed, unlimited data is available to anyone on the planet through their mobile networks. All mobile networks are covered by these services.