Edom and her 9

Tribal gatherings and merging of clans initially only led to disaster and hybrid races of Angels and man. However their descendants were punished – in floods and trials and the rule of Egypt. The true line of craftsmen kept their locations secret and hidden from the human race.

At the time of Edom 9 worlds were gathered and traded with through our forefather’s networks, who had long established interplanetary travel through Angelic interest in their divine works and heritage. Edom was the epicentre of this interplanetary trading channel and was achieving insurmountable feats of engineering, craftsmanship and architecture. Edom was a secret Kingdom, where no man of human descent would set foot. From that point on – children born of Adam had created 260 cities on faraway planets and each of these were thriving as much as Edom itself.

They are still trading with us today.