The Relationship between Ea (by Umosras), California and China.

February 19, 2024 Off By admin
The expanding and already vast and powerful army of the People’s Republic of China is omnipresent in the psyche of Western World Leaders as a continued threat to the stability of World Infrastructure. However this is not necessarily the way the UPMR (Universal Program of Manifesting Realms) sees the nature of our precarious situation.
Ea or the shared creative works of its citizens will have 50 or so practices of Global Industry, like other realms in the UPMR – taken to Universal Dimensions and tested to equip the citizens and subscribers of the Universal Program. However this is not the only purpose for having industries who have developed phenomena. The intention is to design a program between UPMR and California with technology that is acceptable and works with the existing global digital system and one that can enrich and fortify quickly the global space programs.
Among our main clients will be the world’s great industrialists – China, India, South Africa and Brazil, each of whom who have great impetus for starting a galactic colonisation directed by UPMR and implemented by the world’s space programs.
China’s industrious nature and swoop of the earth through peaceful means with the threat of a vast and menacing military behind them may not be as true to this menacing nature as it seems after all.
After California sells Ea’s Universal products adapted for the planet’s use to China at budget prices – the space program will be equipped for China to start their own task force into the Galaxy. The fact that China has a truly vast military is proof of the fact that the regime is well aware that this future is coming soon and that they are putting pressure on to make the UPMR fully manifested within the forthcoming 2 decades.